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Upload custom subtitles is did not work

chrome 66.0.3359.181
I use http://subflicks.com/ to change srt to DFXP, Upload it.but it not show in CC.

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Yeah, the problem is from the encoding of the original SRT is not supported and there is a bug in our website, It should give you a warning that this file is not supported and give you TextArea to copy the content of the SRT file to it and convert it. but for some reason, it didn’t! I will check this out later.

For now, you can simply change the encoding of the original SRT to UTF-8 without BOM using a program like Notepad++ it’s free you can download it from here


After opening the original SRT file, click on “Encoding” tab then choose “Convert to UTF-8 without BOM” then save the file.


Now you can convert it to DFXP from our site and it will work normal and the DFXP file should look like this


Not like this (Screenshot of the corrupt convert)


I hope it well explained. and works for you now.


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